Short Story Pyramid

TITLE: Story Pyramid

OVERVIEW: This is a strategy to help students with comprehension. Could be used for character traits and
relationships with other characters.

PURPOSE: to make sure the students understand the story

OBJECTIVES: Students will be able:
1. to read and understand a story lin
2. to state the story problem
3. to state the solution to the problem

MATERIALS: overhead, transparency, paper, and pencils

ACTIVITY: Prepare the transparency for the class to do as a class activity the first few times. Later the
students should be able to do this on their own.

Have the students fill in the pyramid with the information asked for below.

On line 1. write the name of the main character
2. two words describing the main character
3. three words describing the setting
4. four words stating the story problem
5. five words describing one event in the story
6. six words describing a second event
7. seven words describing a third event
8. eight words describing the solution to the problem

The more the students work with this activity, the easier it will become. Have the students write a
sentence for each line using the number of spaces as the amount of words for each sentence. Then they can
write a sentence for each space for each line.

TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: Use this pyramid as an outline for a summary of the story.