ALBERTA: Physical and Political Map

Use the maps on pages 35–37, 40–43, and 47 to answer these questions.

1. Identify the three major rivers that begin in the Rockies and flow to the East.

Where does the Peace River empty? Where does the Saskatchewan River empty? (page 36)

2. Look at the Mineral Fuels Map on page 35 and list the three major mineral resources of Alberta.

3. Lower access routes through mountain barriers are called .
Three such routes that pass through the Rockies and begin in Alberta are:

4. Look at southeast Alberta on pages 40–43. From the map information, suggest reasons that
this region is the province’s main agricultural area.

5. Between two source areas, or drainage basins, of rivers is a river divide. North America’s greatest divide
is the “Continental Divide.” Use the maps on pages 36 and 47 to find the divide separating the source
areas of eastward flowing rivers like the Athabasca from westward flowing rivers. This divide separates
waters which drain away to the PacificOcean from those flowing to the Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay.
The _ and the _ rivers are westward flowing rivers.

You are a journalist who is writing a feature report on Canada’s history and development. Investigate the major significance of Leduc, Banff, Crowsnest Pass, and Yellowhead Pass.