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: Act V

I. VOCABULARY: Be able to define the following words and understand them when they
appear in the play.


peruse _



II. LITERARY TERMS: Be able to define each term and apply each term to the play.




III. QUESTIONS: answer the following questions.
Scene 1:
1. What news does Balthasar bring Romeo?

2. What does Romeo mean when he says, “Then I defy you, stars!”?

3. What actions does Balthasar’s news prompt Romeo to do?

Scene 2:
4. What does Friar John tell Friar Laurence?

5. After hearing this news from Friar John, what does Friar Laurence intend to do?

Scene 3__:
6. Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb?

7. Romeo gives Balthasar two reasons for entering the Capulet’s tomb. What are those two reasons?

8. Why does Paris think that Romeo has come to the tomb?

9. What is it about Juliet that should have told Romeo that she was not dead?

10. Why doesn’t Friar Laurence stay in the tomb with Juliet after she awakens?

11. Why does Juliet kiss Romeo after he is dead?
12. When Montague first arrives on the scene, what does he tell those gathered?

13. Relate the events that lead to Romeo and Juliet’s death as they are told by Friar Laurence near the play’s end.

14. What information does Romeo’s letter give?

15. How do Montague and Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children?